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The winner of our DADOquartz bathtub painted by Hilde Alet Malan: Braam Colyn

Image: DADOquartz Carmen bathtub painted by Hilde Alet Malan at the CP&B showroom

DADOquartz was proud to collaborate with Hilde Alet Malan and VISI on a one-of-a-kind competition in which our bathtub with a gorgeous art piece painted across, was up for grabs.

The year 2021 was the birth of a revolutionary concept, introducing art into your bathroom, not on the walls, but on the furniture itself. DADOquartz brought this idea to life by asking Hilde Alet Malan to paint the Carmen bathtub in which she created a breath-taking art piece that transformed the bathtub into a collector’s item.

DADOquartz wanted to introduce this pioneering concept by hosting a giveaway in collaboration with Hilde Alet Malan and VISI. The winner of the competition would be gifted a DADOquartz bathtub of their choice with a custom art piece painted across the bathtub by Hilde Alet Malan. Entrants were required to pose and snap a photo of themselves with the VISI magazine, in the place in which the bathtub would be placed. There were many entries that were creative and exceeded the expectation of the DADOquartz team but there was one entry that ticked every single box, that of Braam Colyn.

Image: Braam Colyns’ entry into the Win a DADOquartz Masterpiece with Hilde Alet Malan competition

Braam Colyns photo entry showed himself holding the VISI magazine on the second floor of his up-and-coming guest house, with a mountain range as his backdrop, in the heart of Robertson. He could not contain his excitement when he was contacted by the DADOquartz team, who surprised him with the great news of his win. He exclaimed that he had entered last minute and was extremely thankful that he did.

Image: Cellar 1980 in progress, in Robertson

Braam shared that he is a huge admirer of Hilde Alet Malan and has started a prized collection, boasting 11 pieces of her artwork already. When asked about his thoughts on Hilde’s art style, he gushed about his love for the “modern take on traditional art” as well as “the free flow of lines that are so precise”. He is very excited to place his collectors’ bathtub in his new guest house, Cellar 1980, that should be complete by August 2021. What started out as a pet project, soon turned into a vacationers’ dream that showcases the best of South African hospitality. Cellar 1980 follows after the construction of Cellar 1947, the first of its kind, named after the year Braams’ father, was born, which inspired him to name Cellar 1980 after his birthyear. He excitedly spoke of additions to the plot being a wedding venue as well as more units in the future.

The DADOquartz team is just as excited as Braam Colyn to see our gorgeous bathtub, painted by the talented Hilde Alet Malan, showcased in Cellar 1980, with the artistic glass surrounding within the industrial fortress.


To explore the luxury of DADOquartz, please visit: https://dadoquartzbathware.com/

To view the talented Hilde Alet Malan’s artwork, please visit: https://www.hildealetmalan.co.za/