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What is DADOquartz®?

Mined from the Southern African earth, DADOquartz® material is created by combining quartz ore and other natural minerals. Quartz gives DADOquartz® its characteristics of allure and wellness.

DADOquartz® and our unique manufacturing process give our products exceptional strength, hardness and distinguishing longevity. DADOquartz® material is undoubtedly “THE WORLD’S MOST LUXURIOUS BATHTUB MATERIAL”.

10 Reasons Why DADOquartz®

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Natural Satin Beauty
  • Heat Retention
  • 100% Solid Throughout
  • Non-porous: Stain Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant: Easy Maintenance
  • 100% UV Resistant: No Discolouring
  • Extreme Tolerance
  • Bacterial Growth Resistant
  • Easy to Clean


Tried and tested for over two decades, only the finest and purest natural ingredients with a high quartz component are used to manufacture our DADOquartz® material. Using state-of-the-art robotics together with handcrafting, DADOquartz® has set the benchmark in bathtub excellence.

Because our material is 100% non-porous and solid throughout, we do not need to apply a topcoat to the surface of our products to hide imperfections. This way, we guarantee you a superior and hygienic bathtub that will never fade or yellow. Our industry-leading lifetime warranty is a promise you can trust.

Style & Wellness

The bathtub is the most intimate and personal part of your bathroom. Your own private sanctuary. DADOquartz® bathtubs strive to awaken and enhance these emotions and to promote your wellbeing. Our bathtubs and basins have been selected by the most experienced and skilled architects and designers from all around the world, whom we listen to and learn from.

Our expert in-house design team is able to translate and bring these concepts to life. Using state-of-the-art technology, we produce our very own molds, giving us a significant advantage in turnaround time and cost in a highly stringent international market. Our ability to customise is unparalleled and often the integral part of many projects.

Our objective is for each design to be “Destinkt”.


We firmly believe that for our exquisite designs to be “Destinkt”, they must be functional.

We achieve a high level of comfort through our DADOquartz® material, which is warm to the touch, retains heat well and is shaped to provide optimum support.

We have designed the drain position to allow for an extended seating area. The satin-smooth finish of our bathtubs is gentle on the skin while remaining exceptionally strong.

We maintain an exceptional standard of hygiene with our DADOquartz® non-porous material, which is resistant to bacteria and mold as well as being easy to clean. We are able to achieve easy installation and cost savings by eliminating the need for overflow drains and by providing a unique plumber’s space, allowing for simple installation options.

Our bathtubs are easy to install as they conveniently only weigh about as much as a person.