Our story

DADO Manufacturing, established in 1998, is a South African manufacturer of luxury and quality bathroom ware. DADO Manufacturing strives to always bring timeless luxury and enduring quality into every bathroom experience. DADO Manufacturing innovatively designs and crafts bathtubs and basins using our own unique DADOquartz material.

DADOquartz® has a natural matte stone appearance and is silky smooth to the touch, its special properties and the stringent technical criteria under which it is engineered means that our products are exceptionally strong and have extended durability backed by our lifetime warranty. Every DADOquartz bathtub and basin is hand-finished and inspected, a DADO Manufacturing commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Our material

From the earth of southern Africa, quartz ore is mined, crushed and combined with a mixture of resins and other natural minerals to create our own unique DADOquartz® material. Quartz is a noble variety of silica. Its special properties give DADOquartz® its alluring characteristics, much like one finds in the varieties rose, milky and smoked quartz and amethyst.

DADOquartz® is used to manufacture our perfectly crafted bathtubs and basins. it gives our products exceptional hardness and distinguishing longevity.

10 reasons why DADOquartz®

Lifetime warranty

Natural satin beauty

Heat retention

100% solid throughout

Non-porous: stain resistant

Scratch resistant: easy maintenance

100% UV resistant: no discolouring

Extreme tolerance

Bacterial growth resistant

Easy to clean

Our promise

DADO Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd., the manufacturer, warrants its bathtubs and basins to be free of defects in materials or craftsmanship for a lifetime from the date of delivery.

Our warranty is a sign of the quality and longevity of all our products, which makes the DADOquartz® range an icon of classic design, and a true reflection of timeless luxury and enduring quality.

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