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Welcome to DADOquartz® South Africa

Who are we?

Family owned & operated since 1998

What is DADOquartz®

Next-level Luxury

DADOquartz® is the most luxurious bathroomware material since 1998. It is created from quartz ore and Southern African earth minerals.

The significant difference of DADOquartz® lies in the details. We use superior resins as binding agent for a more consistent and stronger result, and to allow for higher quarts concentrations. Simply put, DADOquartz® is next-level luxury!

10 reasons why DADOquartz®

What to expect from DADOquartz®


DADOquartz® is backed by two decades of skills and experience. We use a combination of handcraft and automation to create DADOquartz® from the finest natural components. DADOquartz® is so superior and solid that no topcoat is required to hide any imperfections – delivering a hygienic tub or basin that will never age. You can truly trust our lifetime warranty.


We remain at the forefront of bathroomware trends, and our uniquely designed products can be used in classic or contemporary settings. Our in-house creation team can customise your project without compromising on turnaround time. DADOquartz® gives any bathroom a timeless edge.


DADOquartz® offers quality and style with intent – functionality is a key driver in many of our design decisions. Our products offer a comfortable experience, from fitting to finish. Installation is made simple with a distinctive plumber’s space.