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Destinkt. Bathroom Solutions presents the newly renovated Brand Experience Centre in Centurion.

Destinkt Bathroom Solutions is excited to announce the launch of their new and improved Brand Experience Centre in Centurion. Destinkt houses international brands that each bring a unique flair to the sanitaryware industry. Now, these brands get to take centre stage and boast their luxurious elements in lifestyle settings.

Over the last few months, Destinkt Bathroom Solutions has transformed its Centurion offices into a Brand Experience Centre, where you not only have the opportunity to tour the vast range of each brand, but you get to experience the pure quality and luxury of each product.

Image Source: Destinkt. Bathroom Solutions Centurion Launch Day

To celebrate this milestone, Destinkt held a 3-day launch in which valued retailers, architects, designers, and the industry’s key players were hosted. Destinkts prestigious ambassadors also made an appearance, getting to explore the Brand Experience Centre, for the first time since its completion. The guests were treated to a luxurious experience of fine-dining canopies, Paul’s ice cream, and Gin on Tap that streamed from BAGNODESIGN mixers into pillar basins from the sirene collection of DADOquartz. Fun was most certainly had as the guests roamed the showrooms and indulged in the fine design and attention to detail of each display.

South Africa’s globally acclaimed bathroomware brand, DADOquartz®, has showcased the ULIA and sirene collections in displays that bring these luxurious designs to life. With interiors that consist of modern black accessories, eccentric wallpaper, or a holistically white bathroom, Destinkt ensured to create displays that were versatile and tailored to indulge each person’s unique taste and style. Each

DADOquartz® bathtub and basin is strategically placed to invite the viewer to explore the range further while being able to compare styles and designs.

Image Source: Destinkt. Bathroom Solutions DADOquartz Showroom embellished with BAGNODESIGN and JEE-O accessories

Destinkt is also proud to announce the official relaunch of the River Range showroom. The River Range displays exude clean spaces with soft colours that invite you into the essence of the brand representing elegance and rejuvenation. Each display demonstrates that River Range’s acrylic bathtubs were not only ergonomically designed but represent utmost quality and luxury.

BAGNODESIGN, which had made its debut in Sub-Saharan Africa in December 2020, is now a staple in the Destinkt Brand Experience Centre. With a variety of ranges that each offer multiple finishes and versatile designs, the brand is beautifully showcased throughout the showroom in many different lifestyle settings. Each display, individually and distinctively designed, demonstrates deck and wall-mounted options for the various mixer ranges from BAGNODESIGN.

For those who love robust and powerful design, JEE-O has its very own dedicated displays, to spectacle the continuity of style throughout each series. From uniquely shaped bathtubs and basins to mixers with finishes unlike any in South Africa. Each JEE-O display is presented with the intent to resonate bold design and luxurious modernity.  

Destinkt wants guests to journey through the showrooms and gain inspiration from the luxury and detailed international design. With versatile displays that incorporate multiple brands to create the perfect bathroom, Destinkt Bathroom Solutions will captivate each guest to reimagine their homes and bathrooms in a way like never before.

Image Source: Destinkt. Bathroom Solutions River Range Showroom

About Destinkt. Bathroom Solutions

Destinkt. Bathroom Solutions provides a complete bathroom solution to customers through a portfolio of complementary products from global brands that have been carefully selected for their quality and style – curating beautiful bathrooms for our customers. Destinkt is a wholesale distributor of premium bathware in the African market. We have exclusive distribution rights for DADOquartz®, JEE-O, BAGNODESIGN, River Range, and SANSTIK.

About DADOquartz®

DADOquartz® is the most luxurious bathroomware material since 1998. The significant difference of DADOquartz® lies in the details. Mined from the Southern African earth, the unique DADOquartz® material is locally manufactured by combining Quartz Ore and other natural minerals. This creates a material that is built for longevity and is 100% solid throughout. Not only is it scratch and stain-resistant, but it is also resistant to bacterial growth and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Our DADOquartz® material is so superior that no topcoat or finishing is required to hide any imperfections – delivering a hygienic bathtub or basin that will never age.


BAGNODESIGN provides an extensive range of quality bathroom sanitaryware, fixtures, and fittings – from washbasins, taps, and bathroom accessories, to bath and shower components, whirlpools, and steam rooms. From aspiring homeowners looking to create their dream bathroom or kitchen to key projects by residential developers, hospitality groups, and prestigious institutional buildings, BAGNODESIGN products can be found across the board.


About JEE-O

JEE-O creates products with tranquillity, peace, and space for body and mind, always in an ambiance of functional luxury. Products are made from stainless steel and are characterised by robust and powerful design, distinctive in its simplicity. Indulge your home in the industrial features of the soho series, the geometric design of the bloom series, the evolution of the flow series, and the natural nuances of the pure series.


About River Range

Over the last 10-years, River Range has designed bathtubs made from the best cross-linked acrylic available on the market, ensuring a high quality yet beautiful high gloss finish. With ergonomically designed styles in a variety of shapes and sizes, we aim to provide options to suit all preferences. Quality is of utmost importance to us and as a result, our bathtubs are locally manufactured and backed by a 10-year warranty.


About Sanstik

SANSTIK is a self-bonding, rubber adhesive sealant used to install a variety of sanitaryware products. SANSTIK is a guaranteed hassle-free installation tool that offers an instant waterproof and dustproof bond for optimum sealing. It requires no mixing and cures fully within hours. Our Brand Experience Centre was perfectly completed using the SANSTIK installation tool. Every bathtub, basin, and toilet has been seamlessly installed for superior hold.