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What Modern Bathtubs are made of – 8 Reasons to Love DADOquartz

The design identity of contemporary bathrooms demands high-end quality, style, beauty and a timeless aesthetic. Modern bathtubs are one of the key investment pieces to achieve this brief. At DADO, our freestanding baths are made from our own unique DADOquartz material, bringing form and function together with elegance and transforming your space to one of noble luxury.

Modern bathtubs have undergone a radical evolution but, no matter how beautiful and tempting, they do not fall into the category of ‘impulse buys’. Due diligence is required and we have done that – providing you with 8 solid and persuasive reasons why a DADOquartz bath is worth the investment.

DADOquartz is used to manufacture our perfectly crafted bathtubs and basins. It gives our products exceptional hardness and distinguishing longevity. Additionally, DADOquartz offers further features and benefits, for modern bathtubs, that cannot be overlooked.

1. Exceptional Strength 

Modern bathtubsDADOquartz is engineered and tested in accordance with stringent technical criteria making the DADO bathtubs and basins exceptionally strong.

As a variety of silica, quartz ore is crushed and combined with resin and other natural materials to create our exclusive material, DADOquartz. The strength of a DADO bathtub is further enhanced by the fact that DADOquartz is full-bodied and is a solid structure product made of the same material through and through leaving no room for veins or fissures that could compromise its strength.

Further to this, DADO bathtubs and basins have high impact resistance, which means that they will not easily crack or break, an impressive characteristic.

2.  Clean and Hygienic

DADOquartz is a non-porous material making it resistant to micro-organisms and bacterial growth, giving you sustained peace of mind.  

The smooth satin surface of DADO baths and basins is remarkably easy to clean, a significant advantage for our modern and busy lifestyles.

3. Attention To Detail

Luxury cannot be mass-produced. All our DADO modern bathtubs are individually finished by hand, achieving a smooth and refined look that is elegant and sophisticated.

Extra care and our commitment to finer detail go into each individual DADOquartz product.

4. Easy Installation

DADO pioneered an incredibly innovative bathtub design feature, the Plumber’s Gap. DADOquartz baths are designed with a plumber’s space underneath each tub, ensuring that no holes have to be drilled into the floor on installation.

The exception being DQ+ range and DADO Angela and Acanthus baths where the conventional methods of bath installation are required. DADO modern bathtubs win hands down when it comes to the practical concerns of saving time and installation costs.

5. Warm To The Touch

Modern bathtubsNot only is DADOquartz material warm to the touch, but the bathtubs also have a high insulation capacity allowing the tub to heat up quickly and the water to remain at the desired temperature for longer.

These practical ‘green’ environmental and energy-saving features make it a winning material in our modern era. Relaxation and saving the earth come together in perfect bathing harmony.

6. Perfectly Crafted

DADOquartz is the perfect material for modern bathtubs,  it is a void-free structure and is free from hairline cracks and is resistant to scratches, stains and abrasions.  

An additional characteristic of the material is that it is UV resistant meaning that no discolouration will take place over time. As part of the integrity of good old-fashioned craftsmanship, stringent technical criteria are followed to ensure the perfect product.

 7. Natural Beauty

Modern bathtubsThe natural beauty and satin finish of DADOquartz stone is its ultimate benefit – no outside layer or gel coat is sprayed onto the material.

Its natural matte stone appearance and satin finish are strikingly beautiful and for a little extra glamour, the range is also available in a gloss finish, which is a polished sheen and luxurious look.

8. Quality Assurance

Modern bathtubsTo further demonstrate our confidence in the quality and reliability of the DADOquartz material in all our products, every DADO bathtub and basin is backed by a lifetime warranty. DADO bathtubs are the epitome of style meeting quality.

8 benefits and features of DADOquartz modern bathtubs, 8 compelling reasons to love DADOquartz leave you with no alternative but to head to DADO and our store locator to view all our freestanding baths, basins and mixers.

For a comprehensive and technical look at DADOquartz as a quality material, the following blog will answer all your questions.