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Modern Baths and Basins – The Evolution of Taps

The landscape of the contemporary bathroom has undergone a major transformation over the past 100 years. As freestanding modern baths and basins have met the demands of lifestyle trends, taps and mixers have kept up. This evolution has created inspirational and functional optimisation in every bathroom.

Bathrooms are intrinsic to our daily schedules and are used multiple times each day. They have evolved into an architectural presence in home design space, becoming more than just functional places for performing one’s ablutions. Taps and mixers – as the counterparts to modern baths and basins – play a vital and beautiful role in making bathrooms sophisticated sanctuaries for relaxation.

In the world of interior design, however, it is not wise to throw the baby out with the bath water. Traditional side-by-side pillar taps have made way for their more modern peers – mixer taps, monobloc mixers, motion sensing infra-red mixers, wall-mounted faucets, freestanding mixers and the like – offering you a world of options to enhance the technological and visual aesthetic of your space.

Two are better than one

Pillar taps will always capture the essence of yesteryear with their classic features, such as knob or cross head handles, ceramic inserts and ornate detailing. Modern baths and basins with pillar taps have a timeless elegance that evokes a sense of old-world luxury.

modern baths and basins

One can make all the difference

As contemporary design and innovation have evolved, simplicity and minimalism have become one of the prominent design styles. This has introduced mixers and monobloc mixers as bathroom favourites.

Single lever monobloc mixers feature a single spout and deliver a mix of hot and cold water. The major benefit is that the flow and temperature of the water are controlled by a single lever or handle allowing you to determine the ideal water pressure and heat preference in one easy motion. The minimalistic elegance of monobloc mixers also enhances the sophistication and style of contemporary baths and basins.

DADO’s rising star for modern basins is their striking Aqualine range of chrome square and round monobloc mixers that come in two height options.

modern baths and basins

Stand-alone beauty

The trend of freestanding modern baths and basins is here to stay, so freestanding mixers have the stage to shine in all their chrome coated brass glory. Freestanding bath mixers not only have design functionality but are also extremely elegant and will stand the test of time.

modern baths and basins
DADO’s matching Aqualine freestanding bathtub mixers are beautiful to behold with their chic, clean lines and geometric styling. The flexibility with freestanding mixers is very exciting as they can be placed either centrally or off-centre, immediately becoming a focal point in any bathroom.

The unique beauty of the Aqualine freestanding mixers was recently featured in one of our previous blogs.


There is no denying that DADO is at the forefront of design innovation and timeless luxury in the evolution of bathroom products. If you are looking for inspiration when it comes to modern freestanding baths, basins or mixers, DADO will provide the inspiration and the solution for your contemporary bathroom.

Manufactured in South Africa from unique DADOquartz material, DADO’s freestanding baths and basins offer more than 25 designs worldwide. With our complementary range of Aqualine mixers, sophistication and timeless quality will transform your space.

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