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Modern Baths and Basins – Adding Mixers to the Mix

Looking to transform your existing bathroom? Changing your taps and mixers is a  simple and effective design trick for modern baths and basins. These seemingly small changes can dramatically update, revive, and modernise your bathroom with a big impact. Building your bathroom from scratch? Mixers are an intrinsic consideration in the overall mix of functional and design elements.

At DADO, we have stepped into the mix with our stunning range of Aqualine mixers to complement our modern baths and basins. Look no further than our gleaming square and round bathtub and basin mixers to add that touch of finesse to the visual harmony and functionality of your contemporary bathroom.

The right style

Although mixers are relatively small investment pieces, they are an integral design component in achieving the desired style of your bathroom. If you have chosen a modern style when it comes to your large investment pieces and finishes, then you need to choose mixers with a modern twist to seamlessly enhance the design. Mixing modern bathtubs and basins with retro mixers can be quite tricky and people often get it very wrong.

Modern bathrooms, by definition, are unfussy and calming to the eye. That certainly doesn’t mean you are restricted when it comes to options. Modern mixers come in a variety of styles and finishes – from square and round, curvy and angular, to slim-line and substantial – all adding to the overall sleek and minimalist style you are after.

If you want your bathroom to make a statement – you need to be style savvy when it comes to the selection of mixers for your modern space. Pairing modern mixers with modern baths and basins will achieve unity of form and function.

The right size

modern baths and basinsIn the world of bathroom mixers, size makes a difference.. It is not a one-size-fits-all game. Modern baths and basins have undergone a huge evolution and mixers have kept up. Modern basins especially, have earned the title of becoming fashionable bathroom features, unlike the drop-in, under-counter variety that we grew up with. Style trends have elevated basins to sit on top of vanity counters and be appreciated in all their design glory. This means you will need a taller mixer for beauty and function to work together.

DADO’s Aqualine mixers perfectly accommodate the natural flow of water into your modern basins with grace.

Both our square and round mixers come in 2 height options – high or low – giving you flexibility to create a beautiful and user-friendly bathing space.

The right shape

modern baths and basinsAll those who appreciate linear, structural design will love DADO’s Aqualine square mixers. Thanks to their geometric lines, they make an unforgettable and bold impression in your modern bathroom. Perfectly suited for rectangular shaped bathtubs and basins. 

Modern lines can also have a softer appearance. DADO’s Aqualine round mixer, features a  graceful design that represents modern individualism in your bathroom space. They are a stunning match for both oval and round shaped bathtubs and basins.

Aqualine square and round bath and basin mixers are crafted to easily coordinate with any modern bath and basin. Their chrome–plated and high quality finish will create a striking silhouette, adding a contemporary wow-factor and designer touch, backed by a 5 year warranty.

DADO – The right choice

If you love beautiful bathroom design and recognise the importance of excellent quality, then DADO’s Aqualine mixers are for you. They are the ideal complement to DADO’s freestanding modern baths and basins, manufactured from our own unique DADOquartz.

DADO is committed to timeless luxury and enduring quality, and that includes our chrome–plated mixers. Be inspired by the beauty and versatility of DADO’s range of Aqualine square and round bath and basin mixers. Read more in our  blog about the addition of Aqualine mixers to DADO ’s full design solution for your modern bathroom.

To view our entire product range, download our brochure or visit the store locator to find a store near you.