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Hilde Alet Malan – Avant-garde concept bathroom design

DADOquartz is making waves by embracing the world of Art and we are excited to announce their brand new collaboration with talented local artist, Hilde Alet Malan. This is a trailblazing, avant-garde concept in bathroom design, where a traditional bathtub is elevated to an extraordinary piece of timeless art.

“Knowing that DADOquartz bathtubs have a lifetime warranty, I wanted to create something that would really last a lifetime,” says Hilde Alet Malan. DADOquartz is excited to marry the world of art with the world of luxurious bathrooms, to add a valuable artistic element to an investment piece as unexpected as a bathtub. The DADOquartz Carmen bathtub became both the muse and the canvas. Hilde Alet Malan, a phenomenal local painter, revolutionised a bathtub by painting an elegant piece of art on the Carmen bathtub to create an exclusive collector’s item.

The elegant lines of the Carmen perfectly match the energetic line painting style Hilde is known for. She happily recounted her inspiration and vision behind this painting, saying, “This Carmen piece narrates a story of meeting that perfect person, someone to grow old with, a special kind of love that lasts a lifetime” which led her to name the art piece, ‘Always’.

This exceptional work of artistry is the first of its kind and is available only on order with each piece unique to the owner. Should you desire your own exclusive DADOquartz bathtub, painted by Hilde, this collector’s item is now within your reach. Each collector’s bathtub has a complementary painting also by Hilde available for purchase – a perfect pair to bring harmony to your bathroom space.

‘Moments’ by Hilde Alet Malan a complementary piece to DADOquartz Carmen’s ‘Always’

Hilde Alet Malan describes herself as a creator, dreamer and entrepreneur, and these aspirations resonate with the DADOquartz brand. Hilde grew up on a farm where she spent most of her days in her at-home studio, practicing her craft. She seized her opportunity to study Fine Arts at the University of Stellenbosch and took up teaching Art, Design and Afrikaans shortly after. She returned to the farm and pursued her passion for art. Through her perseverance, her business took off, resulting in Hilde finally receiving well-deserved acclaim. Each painting has a unique story, no two pieces are alike.

The motto Hilde lives by is “To inspire through creating”. Her art carries this powerful message to all who experience it. She encourages everyone to follow their dreams the way she followed hers because of her belief that anything is possible.

When asked about her experience while painting our DADOquartz Carmen bathtub, she gladly expressed that whilst this was her first time painting on this type of surface, she surprisingly had no difficulties. Due to our bathtubs being 100% solid throughout, the non-porous material proved to be a fitting canvas.

DADOquartz wanted to express this newfound revelation of inviting art into the bathroom, not on the walls or through embellishments, but by using your furniture as your canvas, a novel way to add a statement piece to your home in a grandeur fashion. The brand is excited to explore this collaborative journey.

The DADOquartz bathtubs are designed and built for luxury and human comfort. This pioneering concept allows you to transform a luxurious bathtub into a unique artistic investment. With Hilde’s artistry inscribed on the DADOquartz bathtubs, she hopes to discover her awe-inspiring paintings in a luxurious hotel abroad. DADOquartz shares the same aspirations and is undoubtedly excited for the world of art to collide with the world of luxury bathrooms.

Invite art into your home in a revolutionary way. Explore the world of luxury with DADOquartz and the world of art with Hilde Alet Malan. For more information, please visit the website dadoquartzbathroomware.com