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Freestanding Bathtubs: LONDON – Where Romance and Vibrancy Meet


The London bath, from DADO’s City Range of contemporary freestanding bathtubs, will capture your design imagination as much as  London ‘Town’ captures your inner desire to be part of a bigger, age-old story, filled with a vibrant energy.

Wandering the streets of London, it is impossible not to be affected by its historical charm and power of storytelling. This is balanced by a sophistication and cosmopolitan energy that completely captivates visitors and locals alike.

The bustle of Piccadilly Circus, the rush of the Underground and alleys haunted by the music of buskers, create an unexplained harmony that calms your senses. The ageless romance of London and its zen-like green spaces are the design inspiration for DADO’s London freestanding bathtubs and basins, which are part of the City Range.  

freestanding bathtubs

Romantic Elegance

Many romantic novels and movies have been set in the iconic city of London. Ancient architecture, Jane Austen and Notting Hill also provide the authenticity and old-world feel that keep us connected to a time when the world moved a little slower. DADO have respected this in the classic and timeless design of their London freestanding bathtubs.

The beautiful oval shape adds a chic touch while providing comfort and tranquility amid a busy lifestyle. As you lie back against the satin-like feel of our unique DADOquartz material, your inner romantic will surface. Images of the love story between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and the sounds of the Thames, will relax and reinvigorate your spirit.  Whatever your romantic fantasy, DADO’s London freestanding bathtub is the place to let your imagination roam free.

Eclectic Energy

Freestanding bathtubsThe edgy and eclectic design vision of the London bathtub and basin represent this city in a unique way. The cosmopolitan feel of the London bath perfectly illustrates the city’s diversity and its history of celebrating the new and experimental. The bath’s sleek lines applaud this design creativity and innovation and will take centre stage in any bathroom.

The London modern bathtub is the perfect design choice for a bathroom where traditional and eclectic work together to create a space to breathe and unwind. It has taken its cue from the modern Sky Garden building with its oval shape, and the grandeur and engineering mastery of the Westminster Underground Station, all balanced by traditional stone architecture.

DADO Freestanding Bathtubs and Basins

The DADO luxury bathroom ware brand was established in 2007. Manufactured from unique DADOquartz material, our freestanding bathtubs and basins are renowned  for their timeless and sophisticated design features. A natural matt stone appearance and satin finish, absent of any veins or fissures, show off the craftsmanship in each of our baths. To read about the other baths featured in the City Range series, visit our blog page.

If the city of London’s chic sophistication and cosmopolitan forward-thinking energy appeal to you,  download our brochure or browse our store locator to find a retail store near you today.