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DADOquartz Freestanding Bathtubs have a Global Identity

Taking a trip around the world is the ultimate travel experience and few get the opportunity. DADOquartz freestanding baths, however, are fortunate to have made their sophisticated mark in 5-star hotels, resorts, lodges and residential golf estates across the globe.  

At DADO AFRICA, we are enthusiastic about our freestanding bathtubs offering you a spa-like hot stone’ therapy experience. And in our most recent blog, we showcased our luxurious outdoor bathtub experience. 

Now we get to take you on a journey around the world to some of the places where our DADOquartz freestanding baths and basins are on display and where world travellers get to pause and enjoy the incomparable luxury of bathing in a DADOquartz bath. 

‘Welcome to South Africa’ 

It is only natural that DADO AFRICA’s DADOquartz freestanding bathtubs should have pride of place in South Africa – the origin of DADOquartz. Exclusive resorts and golf estates beautifully showcase our freestanding baths and basins. The Eye of Africa Signature Golf Estate, south of Johannesburg, features the spacious DADOquartz Elaine freestanding bath and matching basin. The modern broad-rimmed Acanthus bathtub has space for two and is the perfect focal point at the Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate as well as at the 5-star Gorge Private Game Lodge and Spa in Kwazulu Natal.  

Freestanding bathtubs

‘Welkom in Nederland’ 

Holland has always been an exciting European hub for inventive designers and smart design solutions. The inclusion of the DADOquartz Blue basin in the new and innovative Blue Hotel in Nijmegen represents a notable recognition for DADO AFRICA. DADOquartz freestanding baths and basins certainly match the lifestyle philosophy of the Blue Hotel – ‘The place for those who feel at home everywhere.’ 

The 5-star Manna Hotel in Nijmegen, Netherlands, showcases the DADOquartz Emily bath and Annelie basins, which furnish the bathrooms. Some suites integrate the bath as the centrepiece of the room, adding a modern look and an added touch of luxury. 

Freestanding bathtubs

‘Bienvenido a España’ 

Heading south, we enter the azure Mediterranean waters of the Balearic Sea. The Spanish are maestros when it comes to the art of relaxation and enjoying life to the fullest. The perfectly crafted DADOquartz Maya freestanding bathtub and the Annelie pillar basin are focal points at the Ama Andalucia Hotel in Spain – celebrating the perfect spot for a Spanish siesta and pure bathing pleasure.  

‘Marhabaan bikum fi Dubay’ 

Dubai is the playground of the rich and famous where exclusivity has no limits. DADO AFRICA has designed the elegant DADOquartz Palm freestanding bath as the signature piece for the 5-star residences of One Palm, situated in the spectacular and renowned location of Palm Jumeirah. The bathroom design paparazzi are besotted with DADOquartz’s freestanding baths and basins.

Freestading bathtubs

‘Mwaiseni ku Zambia’ 

Returning to our roots and African soil, the Royal Chundu Luxury Island Lodge in Zambia is the perfect setting for the eye-catching elegance of the DADOquartz Moloko freestanding bath, overlooking the Zambezi River and nestled under the African sky. The African proverb, ‘Do not rush the night – the sun will always rise for its own sake,’  becomes the ideal excuse to linger in a DADOquartz freestanding bathtub. 

‘Welcome to DADOquartz’ 

DADO AFRICA’s DADOquartz freestanding bathtubs and basins have been used in various projects and homes worldwide and have global acclaim. Proudly manufactured in South Africa from our own unique DADOquartz material, each DADOquartz bath and basin epitomises timeless luxury and bathing sophistication. 

DADOquartz freestanding baths and basins are 100% solid throughout. We do not add layers, coatings or finishings to our bathtubs and basins. All our products are individually finished by hand for a truly smooth and refined natural stone feel.

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