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Freestanding Bathtubs: DUBAI – Where Luxury and Glamour Meet


From the biggest mall to the tallest building in the world, the dynamic city of Dubai never fails to impress. From supercars to solid gold cappuccino foam, it is ever evolving as a celebrity city. It is no wonder that the stylish Dubai freestanding bathtubs and basins from DADO have come under the spotlight and taken centre stage – following in the footsteps of the iconic city they are named after.

Dubai is renowned for its forward-thinking architecture and extravagant lifestyle embodied by the Burj Al Arab, the only 7-star hotel in the world. Nicknamed the ‘playground of the rich and famous,’ Dubai is certainly a city of contrasts, balanced by vibrant cultures that live and work together and grounded by a robust religious community. It really is the key Middle Eastern metropolis.

DADO’s freestanding bathtubs are the epitome of innovative design and ingenuity. It is this bold ‘outside-the-box’ philosophy that is seen nowhere more clearly than in the smooth curves of the Dubai bath, where 5-star luxury and glamour meet.

freestanding bathtubs

One-of-a-kind glamour

There is no denying the unique quality, glitz and glamour of a city that arises out of the desert on one side and boasts the sea on the other side. Fast cars, decadent hotels, impressive skyscrapers and sophisticated shopping, make every visitor to this city feel like the world is their oyster. This feeling translates into the beautifully designed Dubai freestanding bathtub, made from our own unique DADOquartz material, which offers pure and seamless glamour. The elegant satin finish of DADOquartz baths, available in a natural matt stone or gloss finish, are handcrafted to ensure a smooth, luxurious bathing experience.

One-of-a-kind luxuryfreestanding bathtubs

Dubai is the very definition of luxury. With oil industry magnates and business cartels, one doesn’t struggle to find extravagant opulence. But there is another side to Dubai. Stepping back in time and wandering through the spice souks or relaxing on sunny beaches, Dubai is the perfect place for an indulgent escape.

Of course, not everyone can hop on a private jet and sip champagne all day, but with a DADO bathtub and an imagination, the experience can come pretty close.

Perfectly designed for comfort, the wider shape of Dubai freestanding bathtubs will wrap you in extravagant luxury.

The fast-paced lifestyle of Dubai slows down as the sun sets over the Persian Gulf coast. This moment of reflection and calm can be yours as you set aside the stresses of the day and relax in a bathtub that is meant to make you feel like a celebrity. No design detail is overlooked and the Dubai freestanding basin is the elegant counterpart to give your bathroom a palatial feel. You can feel like royalty – all it takes is DADO’s Dubai freestanding bathtub.

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DADO’s One-of-a-kind freestanding bathtubs design

Established in 2007, DADO is a luxury bathroom ware brand, manufactured from unique DADOquartz material. Innovative and sophisticated craftsmanship is showcased in the modernity and timeless design features of our bathtubs. The natural matt stone appearance and satin finish add to the luxury and elegance of all our freestanding bathtubs and basins. To read about the other baths featured in the City Range series, visit our blog page. All DADO bathtubs and basins carry a lifetime warranty of 25 years.

If luxury and glamour are the elements that define your bathroom design style, download our brochure or use our store locator to find a retail store near you today.