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Freestanding Bathtubs – Global City Ranges that match your Bathroom’s Personality

At DADO, we’re fascinated by wanderlust – the impulse to travel and explore the world. Our City Range of freestanding bathtubs and matching basins offer you the opportunity to experience the essence of world-class cities without setting foot outside your bathroom.


Author, John Green, is quoted as saying, “I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to.” You can satisfy your impulse to travel the world and fall in love with iconic cities you’ve never been to by simply relaxing in one of our stylish modern freestanding bathtubsDADO’s City Range brings four world-class cities into your own contemporary bathroom – you just have to decide which one is your favourite, allowing your imagination to run wild in your own home.

When it comes to world-class cities, which is your bathroom’s personality?


AMSTERDAM: If the European lifestyle resonates with you and you have an appreciation for art and rich cultural history complemented with modernity and a healthy work/life balance, then the Amsterdam freestanding bathtub with matching basin is the dream fit for your bathroom space. With its soft curves and rectangular form, the Amsterdam bathtub perfectly blends modern and traditional.

DUBAI: Are you are a forward-thinking strategist, excited by innovative architecture that pushes the boundaries amid a vibrant mix of cultural diversity? The Dubai freestanding bathtubs have your name written all over it and will make the appropriate statement in your modern bathroom design. The Dubai bathtub and basin, with their smooth curves, wrap luxury and elegance into the perfect design.

LONDON: If you lean towards the avant-garde and a cosmopolitan vibe but still maintain a respect for heritage and tradition, then the London freestanding bathtub with its chic, oval shape and sleek lines will add a sophisticated centre-piece to your modern bathroom. Just add the beautifully crafted London basin for a definitive design statement.

RIO: Do you come alive in an eclectic environment of multicultural energy and passion, but where life is not taken too seriously? The striking and edgy design of the Rio freestanding bathtub, partnered with the Rio basin, will certainly be the luxurious focal point in your bathroom.


Whichever model from our modern freestanding bathtubs you choose, our City Range enables you to fall in love with world-class cities without ever having to visit them, affording you a global spa experience from the comfort of your own home. DADO’s City Range of freestanding bathtubs and matching basins contain no fissures, veins or imperfections, resulting in a smooth and elegant finish. For more information on the enduring quality of our products, catch up on our story.

Download our brochure to begin your journey into our world of timeless and luxurious modern bathtubs and basins.