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Freestanding Basins, Double up your Luxury Bathroom Transformation

While freestanding bathtubs generally tend to steal the thunder and title of ‘focal point’ of your luxurious, modern bathroom, equal consideration should be made when looking for a matching basin in the bathroom space. We entice you to take it one further, by seriously considering investing in a set of matching freestanding basins for your bathroom renovation. The greatest things come in pairs, and bathroom vanities are no exception. In our most recent Blog, we shared a number of tips on upgrading to a freestanding bathtub in Cape Town. Basins should be appreciated for more than just their functional capacity – they can become a new central focus to your bathing space.

Symmetry with freestanding basins

In an age where we spend a lot more time each day and night in front of our bathroom mirror, wouldn’t it be nice to add a stunning pair of twin freestanding basins to rejuvenate and bring tranquillity into your bathing area? Not only do matching basins allow the space for Mr. and Mrs. to enjoy functional aspects of the bathroom together, it adds a sense of balance and symmetry. Not least, wouldn’t it be a lovely sight to behold in your own bathroom? The Denise and Eden basins, from DADO’s thin-rimmed basin collection, are an elegant illustration of how symmetry can be presented in classic yet elegant finishes.

Personal Space for Him and Her

Think of all the future arguments that can be avoided between spouses, couples and family members with the addition of a second freestanding basin in the master bathroom! Even in the most loving partnerships, bickering will erupt over silly basin dramas such as spilled makeup, toothpaste and shaving stubble! By installing 2 basins, each partner is rewarded with their own personal space, allowing you to harmoniously share a bathroom. Should you have the luxury of space, allow your freestanding basins to become beautiful sculptures in your bathing space.

Enjoying the convenience of a second sink and faucet.

If you are a working couple with a busy morning routine, the addition of a second basin allows each partner the convenience of preparing and unwinding each day, with the bonus of transforming your ordinary bathroom into a special one. With ‘twice as nice’, take into consideration that you will require separate faucets to match the symmetry and functionality of your freestanding basins. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your artistic flair in the bathroom. Take a look at at the JEE-O range of faucets as an ideal complement to your modern basins.


freestanding basins

DADO is a luxury bathroom ware brand established in 2007. Inspired by both natural beauty and sophisticated design, each DADO product is hand finished to ensure that smooth, luxurious detail complements its functional use. Our freestanding bathtubs and basins are manufactured from our own unique DADOquartz material, guaranteed to last a generation and backed up by a lifetime warranty. Download our catalogue today, to find the design solution for your bathroom, and feel free to contact us about how to compliment your purchase with matching luxury bathware.