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Freestanding Basins and Mixers – You can’t have one without the other

When considering famous couples throughout the annals of history, Antony and Cleopatra and Romeo and Juliet are likely to top the list. And where would Queen Victoria be without her Prince Albert? Each perfectly complemented by the other and their stories beautifully intertwined. You just can’t have one without the other. At DADO, we too, have joined the list of famous couples, with our freestanding basins and brand new Aqualine basin mixers.

This perfect partnership is causing much ado, and rightly so. The elegant and contemporary pairing of DADO’s gleaming chrome plated Aqualine mixers, with their beautiful range of satin smooth freestanding basins and baths adds a desirable design element to any bathroom

Behind (or next to) each bath and basin is a gorgeous silver mixer, completing the look. DADO knows that when it comes to partnerships, one size (or shape) doesn’t fit all. That is why our Aqualine mixers come in square and round, and tall and short, to ensure the ideal fit for your bathroom design and each of the freestanding basins and baths in the stunning range.

Modern square

The sleek and stylish Aqualine square bath and basin mixers are definitely turning heads.

Freestanding basinsWhen it comes to clean lines and contemporary designs, pairing the square mixers with DADO’s modern freestanding basins and bathtubs is a marriage made in heaven.

Dressed in chrome, the freestanding square bath mixers stand tall with a stately presence that will elevate your bathroom design to the next level of luxury and sophistication.

As partners to any of DADO’s modern basins and baths, they add a touch of contemporary class that promises to give your guests the wow-factor.


The newly launched Aqualine square basin mixer is a fabulous companion piece and comes in two height options – high square (300mm) and short square (149mm) – making statement pieces of the DADO freestanding basins

Classic round

For more gracious companions, with a regal demeanour, enter the Aqualine round bath and basin mixers. A gorgeous paring for any DADO bathtub or basin, with a round or curvy design, they are especially suited to a more classically styled space.

freestanding basinsThe round mixer adds a much welcome accent, enhancing the luxurious look of your bathroom. This stunning bath mixer shines with a chrome coating, making any of DADO’s classic freestanding basins and baths look beautiful while bringing a timeless finishing touch.

The round basin mixer is also available in two heights – short (159mm) or tall (311mm) and will be the renaissance of a beautiful romance in your bathroom sanctuary.


The DADO brand is committed to timeless luxury and enduring quality. The chrome-plated Aqualine basin mixers are the newest addition to our popular freestanding bathtub mixer range, and perfectly complement the striking designs of each of DADO’s freestanding basins. All our freestanding baths and basins are proudly manufactured in South Africa from our own unique DADOquartz material.

With our Standard, City, Classic and Compact freestanding bathtub and basin ranges, and the recent release of our Aqualine freestanding bath and basin mixers, we are at the forefront of the latest bathroom trends and have a full design solution for every bathroom.

To view our entire product range, download our brochure or visit the store locator to find a store near you. It is likely to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.