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DADO Freestanding Bath Mixers – Quality Guaranteed

One of the most important considerations when purchasing bathroom ware – be that large investment pieces, mixers or accessories – is the long term benefit to your home. That means factoring in warranty solutions. This warranty fine print becomes your quality assurance of the product you are buying. 

DADO’s Aqualine mixers are putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to guaranteeing the quality of their freestanding bath mixers.

When renovating or upgrading an existing bathroom, or designing a new bathroom, your to-do list needs to prioritise a warranty comparison of products. The time spent doing this due diligence – tedious as it may be – is likely to impact the investment value of your purchase. 

Warranty or Guarantee – What’s the difference?

Deconstructing the terminology may seem technical, but understanding the nuances is beneficial. You’ll know exactly where you stand and what the manufacturer’s after-sales commitment is – protecting your consumer rights.

So, what is the main difference between a guarantee and a warranty?

A warranty is a formal, written assurance, given to the customer regarding the state and quality of the product, committing to repair or replace the product should it be found defective. A guarantee is a promise made to the customer whereby, within a shorter period of time, the product can be refunded, replaced or repaired.

An important consideration for both warranty and guarantee claims is the way the bathroom ware piece was installed. Ensure your bathroom ware pieces are properly and professionally installed, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. DIY shortcuts are not going to help you in the long-term. This may mean an extra expense at the outset, but it follows the wisdom of the old adage: ‘Penny wise, pound foolish.’

DADO Aqualine Mixers – We are the difference!

DADO’s freestanding bath mixers stand head and shoulders above the crowd and their competitors. Not only because they are stylishly beautiful, come in a classic rounded shape and modern square shape, offer freestanding bath solutions, and basin options that come in 2 heights, but because they now come with a 15-year warranty!

Freestanding bath mixers

Freestanding mixers have become statement pieces in contemporary spaces. They uniquely enhance the overall design. DADO have taken this into consideration when offering their 15-year warranty promise on their Aqualine basin and bath mixers.

They are stylish investment pieces, and as such, you would like them to last a long time, especially since they are used daily in the home.


The 15-year warranty on DADO’s Aqualine freestanding mixers applies to normal domestic use and only if the assembly and maintenance instructions have been observed. Within this 15-year warranty period, DADO will deal with all manufacturing faults that can be attributed to an error for which the manufacturer is responsible. All the installation and warranty details can be downloaded here.

Freestanding bath mixerWith this DADO quality assurance and commitment on their range of Aqualine freestanding mixers, you can trust the beauty and design functionality of their products.

The Aqualine square freestanding bath mixers with their minimalistic soft, linear style, will add a touch of class and luxury to any modern bathroom.

The Aqualine round freestanding bath mixers become gorgeous companion pieces and accents to classic bathroom styles – complementing DADO’s freestanding baths and basins with spherical or curved shapes.

The comprehensive elegance of DADO’s freestanding mixers was highlighted in a recent blog titled: Modern Baths and Basins – Adding Mixers to the Mix.

With a 15-year warranty on all DADO’s Aqualine mixers, you can rest assured that your bathroom will boast quality statement pieces for years to come. We can guarantee that!


DADO’s range of freestanding bathtubs and basins is proudly manufactured in South Africa from our own unique DADOquartz material. Each bath and basin are beautifully complemented by DADO’s Aqualine freestanding mixers.

To find the perfect design solution of luxury and quality for your bathroom, visit the store locator.