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A Brief History of Quartz in Bathroom Design

There is no denying that quartz stone has become one of the most sought-after materials for homeowners, designers and architects wishing to take their interior design to the next level of luxury.

Quartz oozes style and sophistication. However, its endearing qualities are the durability of the substance in bathroom applications, and the low maintenance required to keep baths and basins in pristine shape for decades.
The use of quartz dates back thousands of years, with historical evidence locating the substance in passage tombs in Ireland, Eastern Europe and Egypt. In the Middle East and Asia, it was also identified in jewellery, gems and crystal vases. While quartz was found in mineral deposits around the world, it was an exceptionally hard substance. Given the limitations and the lack of engineering tools available during those times, quartz features were often limited to lavish sculptures, carved from a single piece of crystal.
Man-Made Natural Bathtubs
In more recent times, bathtubs carved out of a single crystal of stone were once the preserve of opulent households, 5-star Presidential suites and royal palaces. However, the industry’s greatest breakthrough came in the late 1960’s, when manufacturers’ began to mix quartz stone with polymer resins and other natural materials. The result was an equally durable product, but now allowing quartz products to be customized to the customers’ specifications. The addition of natural materials also added a variety of pigments to bathroom products and an emerging market for stylish bathtubs and basins that were both affordable and offered guaranteed longevity for the investment.
Quartz’s adaptation to Bathrooms
The innovation of 20th-century engineers finally opened up a mass market to homeowners, who now have access to luxurious freestanding bathtubs, basins and countertops. For consumers who understand and value the importance of bathing for both their physical and mental wellbeing, they could finally acquire an exceptional bathtub, without the added stress of financial ruin!
DADO’s own unique adaptation, DADOquartz
From the earth of Southern Africa, quartz is mined, crushed and combined with a mixture of resins and other natural minerals to create DADO’s own unique DADOquartz material. Its special properties give their products its alluring characteristics, exceptional hardness and distinguishing longevity. DADOquartz is used to manufacture perfectly crafted luxury freestanding bathtubs and basins for markets worldwide.
DADOquartz designs products that are:
  • Warm to the touch – due to its high heat retention properties your bathtub will heat up quickly and remain warm throughout your relaxing bathing experience
  • Exceptionally strong – with a solid structure, stringent technical criteria and special engineering process, they created a product with the highest quality that is supported by a 25-year warranty
  • Perfectly crafted the void-free structure is free of hairline cracks, resistant to scratching, stains and abrasion and hand finished to ensure a smooth satin feel.
  • Clean and hygienic the non-porous material ensures an easy to clean surface that is also resistant to micro organisms and bacterial growth
  • Works of artthere is no denying the statement DADO’s bathtubs and basins make with their natural matt stone appearance and satin finish. Products are also available in a high gloss finish and the exterior can be painted after purchase
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