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Bathroom Remodel – Renovation Ideas for 2018

Are you thinking of a bathroom remodel next year? Or feeling energized to remodel your private sanctuary after striking a chord with the latest trends and patterns in bathroom interiors?

Once you’re satisfied that the architecture of your bathroom meets your requirements for practicality, comfort and relaxation, your real moment to shine comes with the selection of the quintessential features of your bathroom remodelling project.

A Balance between Function and Ornament

One of the standout bathroom remodel trends of 2017 has been “Timelessness”, and its popularity shows no sign of fading as we move towards another summer season of restyling and makeovers. Central to this concept in bathroom lifestyle and luxury, is the myriad of freestanding bath, basin and shower remodel options that have become an increasingly popular application by renowned interior designers today. Not only does it make your bathroom elegant and add an eclectic feel, it allows the bathing area to become the centrepiece of your bathroom, adding luxury and prestige to your space. The placing of freestanding appliances has stood the test of time. Choose a minimalist design, incorporating a stone or quartz bath as the focal point in the room. The addition of decor, accessories and textures to your bathroom can be limited to the bare essentials or personalized to reveal an accent of who you are, and what draws you into your relaxing retreat.

Granite has been the standard luxury counter and bathtubs for many years but in recent times, quartz has become very much in vogue with the world’s best designers and architects. High on functionality yet low on maintenance, it is scratch, stain and scorch resistant mimics natural stone and comes in a variety of patterns and colours. If you are looking to break the mould while enjoying ‘timeless luxury’, a bathroom remodel centred around quartz will liven up space, and allows you to have fun with styles and themes.

DADOquartz – Remodel with a stone of excellence

If you are looking to experiment and challenge all kinds of functionality, combined with a statement of luxury and allure, incorporate DADO’s own unique DADOquartz material as the keystone to your bathroom remodel. of your impending bathroom remodel. Its special properties give their products its alluring characteristics, exceptional hardness and distinguishing longevity. DADOquartz is used to manufacture perfectly crafted luxury freestanding bathtubs and basins for markets worldwide. All products are backed up by a 25-year warranty, committing to DADO’s core value of designing products that last for generations.

Browse through our current catalogue here, where you will be sure to find a bespoke collection that identifies with, and completes your dream bathroom renovation.