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Winner of the ‘That’s why I call her mom’ DADOquartz giveaway, in collaboration with Rolene Strauss and Steenberg Hotel: Dr. Lizanne Kruger

Image: DADOquartz “That’s why I call her mom” competition flyer

A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend. In celebration of Mother’s Day 2021, DADOquartz hosted a giveaway in collaboration with Rolene Strauss and Steenberg hotel and spa for a weekend away filled with pampering and relaxation.

A mother represents many roles in a child’s life, she is counsellor, cook, doctor, teacher, lawyer, maid, scientist, and comforter. A mother’s love, is the purest love you will ever know, and with just one day a year to celebrate, how do you find the perfect gift for a woman who deserves the world? DADOquartz could think of one, a weekend away at a gorgeous spa and hotel for you and your mom.

DADOquartz hosted a giveaway in collaboration with Rolene Strauss and Steenberg hotel and spa where the winner was gifted with a R45 000 weekend away as well as a private tea with Rolene Strauss. Entrants were required to submit one sentence that best described their mother for a chance to win the weekend away. There were hundreds of entries that absolutely pulled on the heartstrings of the DADOquartz teams, but there was one that stood out amongst the rest, that of Dr. Lizanne Kruger.

Image: Our winner Dr. Lizanne Kruger and her mother Adele Dun on her wedding day

Dr. Lizanne Kruger shared a heartfelt entry about her mom saying, “My mom, is the strongest, most caring & courageous and bravest woman I know, and I love and appreciate her more than she will ever know!”, which resonates with many across the world. Dr. Lizanne was completely taken by surprise when she received the winning call and could not contain her excitement. She greatly looked forward to meeting Rolene Strauss, sharing commonalities, such as their profession of medicine and growing up in the same hometown. She especially could not wait for her mother to be pampered and spoiled for the weekend, as Dr. Lizanne grew up in Paarl and studied medicine at Stellenbosch University, where she then interned at R K Khan hospital in Durban and has been travelling constantly, going where her job takes her. She has a huge admiration for her mother as she was an inspirational teacher and despite an unforeseen health agenda with her father, her mother devoted all her time and efforts to the care of her husband. This really inspired Dr. Lizanne and strengthened their bond as a family through this very difficult time.

Image: from left to right- Philip Dun(brother), Gavin Dun(father), Adele Dun (mother) Dr. Lizanne Kruger

Filled with exhilaration, Dr. Lizanne and her mother, Adele, had arrived at the Steenberg Hotel on Friday evening, and were surprised with a room upgrade to the luxury suite, curtesy of Steenberg Hotel. Dr. Lizanne exclaimed, “We were treated like absolute royalty!”, recounting how well they were received at the hotel and expressed how it was an out of this world experience.

Image: Dr. Lizanne and Adele at the private tea with Rolene Strauss

Saturday began with breakfast and a private tea with Rolene Strauss. Dr. Lizanne explained her experience meeting Rolene for the first time saying, “She was so beautiful, so natural, so down to Earth, thinking of all the things she has accomplished, we were definitely in awe”. She recounted their conversations about medicine, the local and international pageants as well as their love for Dr. Lizannes hometown, Paarl, sharing many happy memories. Dr. Lizanne also expressed how blown away she is by Rolene’s resilience as she not only does transformational self-confidence coaching but is experiencing motherhood while being far away from her family. Despite the weather not being ideal, Dr. Lizanne and Adele felt extremely privileged to have met Rolene and exclaimed that the significant message she had left with that day is ‘the importance of family’, which resonated with herself and her mother on a very personal level.  

Image: Steenberg Hotel Spa

After the private tea, the ladies were on their way to a shoulder, back and neck massage as well as a luxury manicure and pedicure. They were definitely pampered to great lengths as Dr. Lizanne shared that they were in dire need of relaxation time.

After an adventure filled day, they retired to their room where they got to experience their first soak in a DADOquartz bathtub. Dr. Lizanne was completely surprised by the texture of the bathtub and the heat retaining walls, claiming, “It’s so beautiful to look at and the water just doesn’t get cold, I can’t explain it”. Her first experience was definitely nothing short of amazing and she can’t wait to have her own DADOquartz bathtub in the near future.

Dr. Lizanne and her mother Adele were eternally grateful for the luxurious experience and pampering treatment they received on the Mother’s Day weekend getaway. We hope that this once in a lifetime opportunity exceeded their expectations and we cannot wait to welcome them to the DADOquartz family.


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